You Definitely Need a Car Value for Insurance Claims Seattle

When your car is totaled in an accident, the last thing you want to think about is dealing with the insurance company. You or anyone else is hopefully not hurt, first and foremost, and second you’re without transportation. Having to wait through haggling with an insurance company for a check to purchase a new vehicle is just one more headache you have to deal with as you try to get on with life. A car value for insurance claims Seattle is a good idea to have in-hand before you ever get in a wreck.

A trained appraiser will come to your location and check out your vehicle before any damage takes place to it. Comparing it with other similar makes and models, they will be able to determine a fair market value for it. They take a close look at its condition, take into consideration whether it’s been in an accident and repaired before, and look at other factors as well to determine its value.

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When you have the appraisal, it is a document detailing your car’s condition and worth that you can submit to the insurance company as proof that your car is worth a certain amount. Insurance companies typically like to pay a lot less than what you think your vehicle is worth. With an appraisal, however, you don’t have to fight with trying to get a higher amount out of the insurance company.

Insurance claims can literally take months to settle. With an independent appraisal from a trained and experienced professional appraiser, you may find that the claims process takes less time than you anticipated simply because you had documentation to prove your vehicle’s worth. It’s not just you saying it’s worth a certain amount; it’s an appraiser using their knowledge of autos, current market data, and carefully documenting the vehicle’s condition and state of repair before the accident that can help you in the end.

If you own a classic or custom vehicle, it is even more important that you have a car value for insurance claims Seattle because of the financial investment you have put into it. Classic cars and custom vehicles are worth vastly different amounts based on the smallest of details, like whether the numbers match or what types of modifications have been made to them. Call an appraiser when you’re ready to have an appraisal done, but do it before your vehicle is in an accident.

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