Removing Snow and Ice from Your Composite Decking

With ice and now already well on their way, today we are going to be providing tips for composite decking owners, teaching them how to keep their composite decking safe this winter through providing leading snow and ice removal tips. If you are looking to prevent damage to your composite decking and to maintain the integrity of your much loved outdoor space, this post is for you and we strongly advise that you carry on reading…

Snow Removal Tips

How you remove snow from your composite decking will purely depend on how much snow there is. For example, if there is only a light dusting of snow on your decking you can use a leaf blower to blow it away, however if there is a lot of snow present you could need a shovel. When shovelling your composite decking you should always shovel in a path parallel to your deck boards so that you don’t cause damage. In addition to this you must also avoid using metal shovels or tools with sharp edges to remove snow to avoid causing scratching and gauging.

How to Choose a Good Ice Melt

When purchasing ice melt you must ensure that you choose one that is calcium chloride based. When looking at product descriptions you should look out for phrases such as ‘safe for flagstones’ and ‘will not kill grass’ – This will allow you to choose a product that is gentle enough to not damage your decking whilst ensuring that ice will be eliminated. If you have pets or children you must also make sure that the ice melt which you choose is safe for them. Avoid using ice melt which contains colourant as these can cause staining to decking, and also avoid using sand as this has been known to scratch and mark composite decking.

Cleaning up ice Melt Debris

To clean up ice melt debris you can use a broom; however make sure that the broom that you use isn’t too stiff or hard as this could scratch your surface. After bad weather has passed make sure that you thoroughly clean up your composite decking so that people coming to visit you do not traipse it into your house. When warmer weather comes you should wash your decking with a garden hose to get rid of any stubborn, leftover debris.

These are only some of the top tips for maintaining your composite decking throughout the winter months too. If you want to know the very best ways to look after your decking you should speak with your composite decking supplier whom will not doubt be delighted to assist and guide your further.

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