Professional Event Management in Philadelphia PA

professional event management Philadelphia PA when it is time to plan your next big event. We are sticklers for details, and we give you a precise breakdown of all of our services, so you’re never left wondering about what, exactly, we will do to make your event a success. We want your event to be a hit as much as you do, and we are dedicated to making sure that happens.

For example, we create the Artist Technical Rider. This document lays out artist billing, the length of the presentation, what the production entails, security, free tickets, loading, merchandising, and transportation, among other details. We also handle the dressing room set-up, sounds, lights, catering, and the back line. Additionally, we are in constant touch with the person in charge of the venue you select so that all details of the production are handled well.

Our production manager is in charge of the artist’s schedule, pick-up and departure from the airport, hotel, and venue, as well as press interviews and in-store appearances. You don’t have to worry about the artist’s transportation details. We’ve got it all covered for you.

Our production schedule details door and show times, in addition to sound checks. We ensure that everything is ready for when the event begins. We professionally handle all details so that you can relax and enjoy the production yourself.

We also provide services like making sure the venue is pre-paid so you don’t have to worry about that later. Additionally, we provide personnel like assistant production manager, security director, sound engineer, events manager, lighting director, hospitality coordinator, and stage techs.

Should you be unsure of where you can hold your event, you can use our extensive database of venue contacts. We can help you find the right venue for your budget. We will work with you to choose the best place and handle theme and decoration down to the smallest detail. We will also manage food, logistics, hosts, and more. Before the event, we will hold a pre-event inspection so that you can let us know of any tweaks you want to make last-minute.

We work to provide the best professional event management Philadelphia PA services. We use a critical path document to make sure every step of the process is handled well and to ensure no detail is left undone. This helps the event to go smoothly. Contact us today to help you put on a great event.


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