No, Don’t Use a hairdryer to Melt down Shrink Film

So, you are looking to shrink wrap a product that you have, but you don’t have any shrink wrap film or a heat gun? Do not worry you maybe think – You have seen an article in which states that you don’t even need a heat gun and that instead you use a hairdryer. Well, although this may in some sense be true, it is now recommended and we would suggest that you invest in the right equipment before you realise that you have made a mistake.

Whilst it is somewhat possible to reduce shrink film using a hair dryer, this is not a recommended practice. This is because the maximum temperature for a hairdryer is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat guns specially designed for shrink wrapping actually heat up to in excess of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which you can see – is a lot, lot higher.

Heat guns are designed to heat up incredibly quickly as they are made especially for the purpose of shrink film of this type. Heat guns provide the best way of tightening shrink wrap film around products, however in many cases, especially when using shrink wrap machinery; these guns are incorporated into the machines so you may not see them. Don’t worry though, as long as you are not attempting to shrink wrap using a hairdryer. If you try to use a hairdryer the results really will not be impressive, instead it will take you much longer to heat up the film and it will not shrink evenly, making your product look untidy and not very presentable.

So, now you know that you should not use a hairdryer, it is time to find the best products and machinery for you to use. I would highly suggest that if you are looking to shrink wrap products that you speak to a specialist supplier who will be able to advise and guide you thoroughly. Your chosen shrink wrap provider should be able to (amongst other things):

  • Guide you into choosing the best shrink wrap machinery based on your individual needs and requirements (i.e. what you need to wrap, how much you need to wrap)
  • Allow you to buy the best machinery at the lowest possible prices, ensuring that you get the greatest value for money
  • Provide you will full instructions for your machinery as well as providing you with excellent ongoing customer support

Have you ever tried to shrink wrap using a hair dryer? If you have we would love to hear from you and to hear how it went… Or didn’t go! Send pictures too!

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