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When it comes to the containment of chemical and oil spills, the process can prove challenging especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Notably, their molecular composition alongside the inherent viscosity makes it hard to contain using basic methods.¬† As such, secondary spill containment products are of utmost importance if any meaningful progress is to be made. These containment products include duck ponds and berms. By using these products, you will ensure minimal soil and water pollution and as a result, ensure that sea and land animals and plants are safe. We are a reliable ¬†industrial supply safety company, contact us for any inquiry.

According to OSHA regulations, you will need an industrial safety supply pack if you run a company dealing with oils or chemicals. This is a basic recommendation when it comes to the workers safety. Also, the environmental risk posed by oil and chemical spills will be reduced significantly. Below several containment products you should consider. 

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  1. Spill Berm Plus

These are non-absorbent barriers which prevent an oil spill from spreading water. Notably, considering that oil is less dense than water, it floats on top of it thus cutting oxygen supply to sea plants and animals. As such, there can be very devastating effects if such spills are allowed to cover a wide portion of the water body. These berms are mounted in the water bodies, and they create an oil-proof seal thus containing the spill. After this, the cleanup or reclamation activities can be easily carried out.

  1. Foam wall Duck Ponds

These products are designed for quick deployment in case of emergency situations. Notably, the berms can be driven through without additional labor or removal of brackets. Their sidewalls are made using a foam which is CFC-free which can spring back to its normal shape after driving over it. To ensure longevity, the berms are made using tough 22oz which is reinforced with 30 percent VC fabric. In case you are dealing with corrosive chemicals, you can go for one made using XR5 fabric which is chemical resistant. These berms can be placed beneath storage tanks, drums, vehicles, or any other item that can leak.

3. Berm1260

If there is a need for immediate response, this is the perfect Berm to use since it can be stored and transported with ease. You just need to fold it sidewalls and transport it for instant deployment. After use, you should clean it thoroughly and store it in an accessible location for future use. Notably, some of its features include puncture resistance, tear resistance, and excellent rip. Also, it is a sturdy and durable unit that is made using chemical resistant materials. In case of wear and tear, you can easily repair it thus extending its durability

Evidently, it is important to have secondary spill containment products if you work in areas prone to oil and chemical spills. With these products, you are guaranteed of a safe working environment for your employees and reduced risk of environmental hazards. As such, you will contribute a big deal towards achieving a clean and healthy environment

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