How to Replace the Brake Pads on Your Car

If you need to replace the brake pads of your Used Honda S2000 Car and thinking to take it to a mechanic, then think again. You can change them easily by following a few steps and thus save the money of going to a mechanic. All you will need is a little bit of knowledge about them and a few tools. There are basically three phases in changing the brake pads. Hope the steps mentioned below will be of great assistance to you.

Expose the Brake Pads

The first thing you need to do is get the brake pad that is appropriate for your car model. You can get a wide range of pads from the nearest cars store. Next, start the work when your car has been completely cooled down. The lug nuts have to be loosened now with the help of the lug wrench. Make sure you loosen either the front tyres or the back tyres at one time and not altogether. Finally, go through the car manual to know where it would be best to place the jack under your car and jack it up. Now, remove the wheels by pulling them towards yourself. You will need a ring spanner or socket to remove the calliper bolts. Next, use a small wire for hanging the calliper with the wheel.

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Bleed the brake fluid

You will have to remove the cap of the master cylinder so that the brake fluid can bleed out of the system. The bleeding has to be done in a particular manner as per the manufacturer’s manual. Next, a plastic hose has to be fitted to bleeder nipple. Pump the brakes and cross check for any air bubble.

Change the Pads

Finally, after the initial steps you will have to change the pads now. While removing the old pads, make sure you do not damage the brake line or calliper. Put a little bit of anti-seize lubricant on the back of the brake pads and attach the new pads. Next, you will have to check the level of the brake fluid of your car and add more if required. Now, the calliper has to be replaced and bolts that hold the calliper has to be tightened. Finally, put the wheels back and tighten the lug nuts. Lower the car and tighten the star patterned lug nuts. Now you can start the car in neutral while pumping the brakes at least 15 times and test the new brake pads.

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