How to Extrude Fresh Noodles from Your KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker?

Noodles and pasta have become a household name these days. A majority of the people, especially kids and youngsters, love to eat it regularly. Buying them from outside, especially the roadside vendors is mostly unhygienic. At the same time, making them at home from the scratch takes a lot of time. KENT came out with a technologically advanced easy-to-operate appliance to make fresh noodles and pasta at home – KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker. Before going on to understand how to extrude fresh noodles from this noodle maker, let’s get to know the amazing features it is integrated with.

Salient Features of KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker

KENT’s noodles making machine comes with features like automatic mixing, kneading and extruding all at one go. So, extruding fresh noodles from your KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker doesn’t really take any efforts other than placing the ingredients in it and selecting the program. Once that is done, you can just relax and let the machine do all the labour. No manual intervention is required and the pasta or the noodles will come out in less than 10 minutes. It is completely user-friendly when it comes to operating, cleaning, dismantling, assembling and storing this machine.

KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker comes with as many as 7 different shaping fitments. Using these fitments, you can make different types of noodles, momos, pasta and gujiya. In all, it allows you to make three different shapes of pasta, three different shapes of noodles and then there is one shaping die for momo/gujia. As the machine allows you to make your own dough, you can experiment with all sorts of ingredients. You can use wheat flour and to knead it you can use spinach or beetroot puree. The colour of the final product would look attractive and different from the normal noodles you get in the market. It is also more nutritious.

Procedure to Extrude Fresh Noodles

To extrude fresh noodles from your noodles making machine, here’s how you need to proceed.

  • Select the appropriate die from the three available depending on the shape of noodle you prefer.
  • Pour the flour of your choice into the mixing chamber using the measuring cup that comes along with the machine. You can add a maximum of two cups at one go.
  • Close the lid. If you want manual mode, then press ‘Mix’, while for the automatic mode press ‘Auto’.
  • Next, add water to it. The measure is one cup of water for one cup of flour taken. In case you are using spinach or beetroot puree, you might have to adjust the quantity depending on the thickness of the puree.
  • The noodles making machinewill start working by mixing and kneading the added ingredients. If you have chosen, the manual mode, then now you need to press ‘Extrude’ for the noodles to start extruding. In the auto mode, there is no need to press any other key and noodles will extrude on its own.

KENT Noodle & Pasta Maker comes with an upper transparent lid. So, if you are interested in seeing how things are progressing inside it, you can get a complete uninterrupted view of the mixing and kneading process. It provides an easy and comfortable way of getting freshly prepared and hygienic noodles and pasta in almost no time.

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