Giving to a campaign vs. giving to the cause

In the crowdfunding India world people often use the words ‘cause’ and ‘campaign’ synonymously, though they are not the same. So let us understand these terminologies, what they means, and their role in crowdfunding.

Simply put, you would use the term ‘campaign’ for a specific purpose that you’re raising funds for, while you would use the term ‘cause’ for a greater purpose. Let’s take a simple example to understand this concept better. If you’re raising money for 20 little girls from weak economic backgrounds to go to school, that would be a crowdfunding campaign. On the other hand if you were running a crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about the importance and need for educating the girl child, it would be a cause. A campaign is a micro approach for a very detail specific purpose, whereas a cause is a macro approach that aims at resolving a problem at a grassroots level.

The difference is important to note because of the holistic nature of crowdfunding, and the various advantages it has to offer to the social sector. Crowdfunding is much more than just a means to raise money for a person or organisation in need for funding. Crowdfunding India platforms are portals for effectively communicating social problems to people, which at the same time offering an immediate solution that enables community participation. This means that while you can surely raise money to organize a beach clean up drive or a tree plantation drive in your locality, you could also run a crowdfunding India campaign that raises money to educate school children, and adults in workplace, or residents in their homes about the environmental hazards of littering public spaces like beaches. In doing so, your efforts will have a long-term impact on the environment, effectively creating a solution for the root cause of something that is detrimental to society.

That said, a cause often results in a campaign and vice versa. Crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru offer financial assistance to both, causes and campaigns, as long as they are benefitting society in one way or another. So if you’re someone who wants to make a difference on a micro or macro level, fund your initiative on Impact Guru’s free fundraising platform, by launching your crowdfunding campaign today.

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