Common DIY Tree Removal Mistakes

Do you have a tree in your yard that you would like to get rid of? If yes, you may think it is as simple as chopping it down and pulling out the stump. However, some simple mistakes could lead to injury and damage to equipment and other trees. Watch out for these common DIY tree removal mistakes.

DIY Tree Removal

How much do you know about the surrounding roots, rocks, shrubs, etc.? You could fall while you’re in the process. You could hurt yourself in a hundred ways. Lack of awareness is not an issue when it comes to a professional which is why it’s best to skip the task and hire someone who knows exactly what to do. Contact Amico if you need knowledgeable &professional tree surgeons to help you out.

Not Wearing Proper Equipment

Hard hats, goggles, and gloves should be worn at all times. A hard hat is important as it provides protection to the head in case a branch falls or the tree falls into the wrong direction. Goggles will protect the eyes from debris falling from the tree or spit out by the chainsaw. Gloves are vital to protecting your hands against the trunk. They will also keep you from bruising during the cutting and from thorns.

Leaving The Stump

Another common mistake people done in DIY tree removal is leaving the stump after removing a tree. As a result, it is asking for an infestation of insects, and potentially the worst kind – Termites. Termites can move from the stump into your home causing inconvenience and potential detriment to your home.

Not Planning An Escape When The Tree Falls

When felling a tree, it’s best to do so in the direction it is leaning, because that is likely the way it will fall. There are times when a tree doesn’t fall the way that you expect it to and you must be alert and aware of how to get out of danger. Find an escape in either direction that the tree may fall and be prepared to use it.

Improper Tree Cutting Technique

Nothing causes more damage to property and injuries than cutting trees without hinging. Before you hack into a tree, you need to know where to direct it. Of course, it should be away from buildings, other trees, vehicles, and so forth. Hingingrefers to the act of giving a tree a falling direction by creating a wedge-shaped cut using a chainsaw.

Cutting Trees that are Too Close

This DIY pitfall can cause branches of another tree to snap. Also, you are going to disrupt root system of the remaining trees. By exposing them, you are making the tree susceptible to diseases and decay. If you have trees that are too close to each other, then it’s best to hire a professional tree removal service.

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