Commercial Roof Installation in Collin County with HVAC Equipment

Getting a new commercial roof installation in Collin County will ensure a structurally-sound building envelope that will handle any Texas weather. Yet there are some factors to take into consideration when you have roof-mounted HVAC equipment. Businesses from a range of industries will have their HVAC equipment mounted to the roof due to convenience.

Many commercial roofs have a flat surface that is optimal for HVAC equipment mounting. It is out of the way when a business is trying to optimize the interior space for their needs as it doesn’t need its own separate room. In addition, the HVAC equipment is still accessible for workers to perform the required maintenance.

Here are some things to take into consideration when you are getting a new commercial roof with roof-mounted HVAC equipment.

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Installing Multiple HVAC Units During Roof Construction

Always consider installing the HVAC units at the same time when you decide to get commercial roof installation in Collin County. During the roof design phase, you can discuss the best placement for the units with the contractor as well as decide on where to place drainage lines and tubing. You can also discuss the types of materials that would work best to fight off condensation and to ensure proper mounting of the HVAC units that can withstand wind uplift.

HVAC Weight Can Impact Roof Durability

Large HVAC systems can place tremendous weight on roofing materials. When getting commercial roof installation, the company can check the structural integrity of the roof. They can suggest solutions in adding more structural supports for added strength to handle the weight. Doing this before the new roof is in place can save on time and costs.

Dealing with Condensation Discharge

The biggest issue and damage that comes with rooftop HVAC systems is condensation discharge. When enough condensation is produced by the units, it can create puddles of water on the flat roof that can rot roofing materials, create mold and stain the surface. During commercial roof installation in Collin County, the roofing company can determine the best placement of discharge lines while installing the new roofing materials to ensure that water can move toward roof drains.

When getting a new commercial roof, always take into consideration how you want to control the indoor environment. If you plan to install roof-mounted HVAC units, let the roofing contractor know before the work is started. They can work with the HVAC technicians during the installation process so you get a durable and strong roof that can support your new HVAC equipment.

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