7 Reel-Slot Games: Overview of the Rarest Slot

Though the online casino gaming market is dominated by the most popular 5 reel-slot games, a 7 reel-slot is a welcome change. With a different interface, it provides the player with a deviation from the regular game layouts. The best online pokies in the 7 reel-slot section, with more reels provide a better chance of higher pay outs. Characterized by real time gaming technology, the main reason that makes it elusive and rare is its uniqueness of programming. Originally a product of WGS technology, it is one of their most innovative product and the reason behind it being so rare is the fact that other developers could not find much benefit from it due to the popularity of its strong contender, the 5 reel-slot.

The 7 reel-slot game is characterized by its complicated nature, with pay lines going as high as up to 50 and more, however, the pay outs are also high and are generally a five figure amount.

Key Considerations to Play 7 reels:

  • 7-reel slot games are very few and rare to find.
  • Most of them are available in their basic form, with minimum animation and lesser bonuses and rewards.
  • Characterized by smaller pay lines and players can benefit from regular small wins.
  • Keeping a check on the pay table is important to ensure right pay out.
  • Return to player percentage to be checked to get an idea about the long term pay out the slots are offering
  • The regular jackpots can also be checked if pay line 7 symbols are hit.
  • Free slots available can be tried at first without risking a stake.

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